5 Ways to Attract More Abundance into Your Life

Feel Gratitude: Be thankful for not only what you have in your life right at this moment, but also for all of the riches coming your way.

Manifest It: Raise your vibrations to achieve a happier state of mind, which will begin to attract more positivity and wealth into your life.

Show Respect: Let your current money know that you want it to multiply by checking your account balances regularly, creating an automatic savings account, paying off your credit cards, decluttering your wallet, keeping your bills orderly sorted, and collecting your change in a jar.

Give Back: Tell the Universe you?re ready to receive by donating to causes you believe in, generously tipping those who serve you, or even paying for the coffee of the person standing behind you in the line. When you show kindness to others, without expecting anything in return, it will come back you to many times over.

Act As If: Dress and behave in a manner that makes you feel more powerful, even if it?s simply to go the store or fill up your vehicle with gas. Hang out with people who are wealthy or seek the advice of those who know how to build wealth. Reframe the way you speak about money and replace any fear-based thoughts about it that you have.

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