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At Home Date Night Ideas

Life is many things, and it is often very busy. In relationships, couples are often so busy that they find themselves planning date nights and many often joke about this. The reality is date nights are healthy for any relationship (not just with your partner)—think of a girls’ or guys’ night out.

Throughout the years, my husband, Jesse and I, have found ways to feel connected by planning little dates as often as we can schedule them. Truthfully, our most cherished moments together tend to take place on nights where we don’t have any commitments and are able to enjoy dinner and post-dinner relaxation time together. During dinner, we give each other our full attention without any distractions: no TV, no phones, etc. After dinner, we create a relaxing environment by lighting the fire and candles and sitting or lying next to each other on the couch while watching a movie or television show.

It’s simple, I know. Yet, this time together is so important to us. If we go longer than 2-3 nights without having this time together, we start to feel a little distant from one another. For us, it doesn’t matter what the date is, so long as we have time to spend together.

Date nights do not need to be elaborate unless you want them to be. Whatever you do, just plan on being present in the moment and enjoy each other’s company.

Not sure where to start? Here are 20 date night ideas to do while you are at home:

  1. Adult Nerf gun war
  2. Ask each other questions from Would You Rather Adult Version or Date Night Table Topics
  3. Bake your favorite recipes together
  4. Buy a painting kit and paint each other a picture
  5. Create a vision board together with your goals for the year or dream vacations
  6. Dance under the stars
  7. Draw your partner a bubble bath or take a bath together
  8. Dress up, order take-out, and eat by candlelight
  9. Eat by candlelight regardless of what you are eating
  10. Give each other massages
  11. Karaoke night
  12. Make homemade pizza or cook a gourmet meal together
  13. Pack a picnic and head to your living room or yard
  14. Plan a themed dinner and dress up according to the theme
  15. Play a card game, board game, or Twister
  16. Project a movie in the backyard
  17. Schedule a movie night with popcorn and movie-themed candy
  18. Take a virtual yoga class or cardio workout together
  19. Turn off the lights and light the fireplace, candles, or string twinkle lights and enjoy dessert and drinks (i.e. strawberries and champagne) while basking in the soft light.
  20. Wine or beer tasting party

xx - Jen

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