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Basic Manifestation for Beginners

Many of you may be aware of the law of attraction or the power of the mind to attract whatever it is that you desire. You may be familiar with the concept that if you think positive thoughts you will ultimately get what you want. And, although that may sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, there is truth behind it.

But beware, just thinking positive thoughts does not necessarily guarantee an outcome. For example, if you constantly think “I want a house on the beach,” it does not necessarily mean you will get a house on the beach. However, if your desires are backed up with trust and intent, you will eventually get your house on the beach.

To help craft the life of your dreams, follow these basic manifestation tips:

Get Clear About What You Want: Focus and Feel It
You cannot get what you want if you do not know what you want. To truly align yourself with what you desire, think about the things that bring you joy or make you feel the happiest. Be specific in what you want to manifest: how much money do you want to make? Exactly what kind of car do you want and what does it look like (color, style)?

Once you have a clear image of the things you desire, focus on your emotions: how do you feel with so much money sitting in your back account? How does driving your new car make you feel? The goal is to elevate your emotions to a state of happiness, joy, accomplishment, worthiness, etc. and to feel those emotions on a regular basis.

Take Action
With your clear intentions and emotions in mind, act towards them. If you want to write a book, start journaling or blogging every day. If you want to travel more, visit a new place each weekend—even if it is a local park or museum. If you want a house on the beach, act as though you already have it by doing visualization exercises where you imagine waking up in the house: what do the floors feel like underneath your feet? What do your views look like outside your kitchen/bedroom window? How is your home decorated?

Trust and Let Go of the Outcome
Be clear about your end result and let go out the outcome. Remember that what you want may not always look the way you expected, so do not get hung up on the “how” of it. Remove any resistance or blocks or expectations you are holding onto by repeating mantras such as:

  • “I surrender to the Universe.”
  • “I trust the Universe and know things will work out exactly as they should.”
  • “I am guided towards exactly what I want and need.”
Raise Your Vibration and Release Any Negative Emotions
Pay attention to your thoughts and words. If your thoughts are negative or misaligned with what you want, change them. Whether your thoughts are positive or negative, they emit a certain vibration and attract more of that positive or negative vibration; therefore, it is important to create a positive mindset. To raise your vibration, incorporate tools, such as vision boards, journaling, visualizations, meditation, crystal healing, yoga, Feng Shui, or music, that bring you joy or lift your spirits. Limit access to negative media; hang out with positive, motivational people; do activities that bring you joy and excitement; laugh and love often; and release stress with exercise, meditation, or tapping.

Live in Gratitude
One of the best ways to increase your vibration and manifest what you desire is to give thanks for what you want as though it has already come true. Start and end each day by expressing gratitude silently or out loud. Use language that puts the item in the here and now. Your statements can be brief or detailed, such as:
  • “Thank you, Universe, for my beautiful house on the beach.”
  • “Thank you, Universe, for helping me to attract a new client into my business who not only pays exactly what I ask for, and on time each and every month, but gives me the creative freedom I like to be able to work to the best of my ability.”

Even if it is something you do not like about a current situation, find something positive about it. If you are unhappy with your job, be grateful for something positive about it, i.e. “I’m grateful for the monthly income I receive” or “I’m grateful for my co-workers who make me laugh during my lunch breaks.” By focusing on what you are grateful for, you will raise your vibration to attract more of what you want. 

Enjoy the process. Dream big. Be grateful.

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