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Become Confident Making Financial Decisions

If you could use a big dose of money-making confidence, financial expert Lisa Chastain is the woman to know. Money coach, formal financial advisor, and author of the book, Girl, Get Your $hit Together, Lisa visited the Where Money Meets Soul podcast to share important tips on how to overcome fear and become confident in making financial decisions.

On the episode, Lisa encouraged us to stop comparing ourselves to others, to live within our means, and to be willing to look at what we’ve been avoiding in order to take control of our finances. Keep reading for more of her excellent advice.

Take Control of Your Finances
When it comes to taking control of your money, you need to track it: look at the previous choices you have made in your financial life, so that you can make informed decisions moving forward. Only then can you properly budget your finances.

The problem with budgets is that if you have no understanding of how you are doing financially every single month, it's like trying to change an unconscious behavior.

As Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you can do better,” and financially that's absolutely the case. Be willing to look at everything you spend your money on, so that you can be more proactive and make intentional changes.

Treat Debt as a Past Event
When it comes to debt, you need to treat it as a past event and stop beating yourself up over it. It happened and feeling bad about it or stressing over it won’t do you any good.

Just like any other past event in our lives, we must own up to it and deal with it. When we do that, we can treat it more objectively and less emotionally.

Achieving Financial Freedom
To achieve financial freedom, you must be willing to make changes and shift behaviors: first focus on clearing your debt. Once your debt in gone, you can shift into wealthier person's mindset and start to grow your wealth.

It’s also important that you invest in yourself by getting the help you need to achieve the results you want. A great way to do that is to find people who you trust that are qualified to guide you.

We all want financial freedom and the sense of security it provides, but if we've never had it before in our lives then getting it requires that we stretch outside of our comfort zones and find people who are going to help us. Find your tribe: surround yourself with people who also want to generate wealth and are willing to do the work to make it happen, and follow their lead.

For more information on this topic, listen to the Where Money Meets Soul podcast: Episode 1: Money $marts for Bada$$ Women with Lisa Chastain

*Podcast transcription edited for your reading pleasure.*

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