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Feng Shui: Declutter and Attract Good Energy

The number one goal of feng shui is to declutter your living space in order to allow good energy or chi (movable life force) to flow freely into all areas of your home.

Before you get into the specifics of feng shui, such as working with various areas of your spaces to improve your career or love life, you need to remove all of the excess stuff that is collecting valuable real estate in your home (or car or office) and potentially clogging up your positive chi flow.

Below is a list of items you can throw away, donate, recycle, or fix in order to get back to the basics. You can either go through the list one day and item at a time or set aside an entire afternoon to tackle it all at once.

  1. Non-Stick, Scratched Cookware
  2. Scraps of Wrapping Paper and Bits of Ribbon
  3. Empty Boxes (use them to put your donation items into)
  4. Unusable Pens
  5. Magazines You've Already Read (turn them into a vision board or donate to your local library)
  6. Stained or Frayed Towels and Washcloths (either turn them into rags or throw them away)
  7. Hair Accessories You Don’t Use
  8. Sagging Bras and Underwear
  9. Cooking Utensils That You Have More Than One Of
  10. Any Obsolete Computer Items (old CDs, wires, plugs, etc.)
  11. Furniture or Appliance Manuals
  12. Old Cards (thank you cards, birthday cards, housewarming cards, congratulations cards, etc. - take a picture of them and save them that way instead)
  13. Any Clothing Items You Haven’t Worn in a Year
  14. Old File Folders
  15. Worn Out Shoes
  16. Broken Jewelry (either take it to a jeweler's or donate)
  17. Spare Furniture Parts You Won’t Use
  18. That Collection of Allen Wrenches that Came with Your Ikea Furniture
  19. Expired Mediations and Supplements
  20. Outdated or Stale Food
  21. Purses You Don't Use
  22. Old Pillows You Don’t Use
  23. Outdated Coupons
  24. Any Stockings or Tights that Have Runs
  25. Wedding Invitations and Save the Date Cards
  26. Old Children’s Artwork (either frame it or take a picture of it)
  27. Broken Holiday Decorations
  28. Old Calendars
  29. Kitchen Equipment That Is Broken or That You Don’t Use (when was the last time you actually used your juicer?!)
  30. Extra or Cracked Food Storage Containers
  31. Old Paperwork or Sticky Notes
  32. Any Makeup Over 6 Months Old
  33. Paper Bills You Don’t Need to Keep
  34. Old Cell Phones and Cell Phone Covers
  35. Any Paperwork that You Have Backed Up on Your Computer
  36. Old Prom or Bridesmaids Dresses
  37. Dried or Plastic Flowers
  38. Toys Your Pets Don’t Play With
  39. Toys Your Children Have Outgrown or Don’t Like
  40. Toiletries You Don’t Use
  41. All of Those Sephora-Type Samples You Will Never Use
  42. Dried Up Nail Polish
  43. Books You’ve Already Read and Don’t Need to Keep or Display
  44. Leftover Change
  45. Old or Broken Electronics
  46. Unused Stationary or Stickers
  47. Knickknacks You Don’t Love
  48. Receipts You Don’t Need for Tax Purposes
  49. Unmated, Cracked or Dingy Flatware and Utensils
  50. CDs
  51. DVDs You Don’t Watch
  52. Worn Out Bath Mats
  53. Clothes That Don’t Fit
  54. All of Those Extra Buttons
  55. Games That Are Missing Pieces
  56. Old Spices
  57. Extra Coffee Mugs
  58. Worn Out Bedding
  59. Ticket Stubs
  60. Sock with Holes
  61. Scarfs, Hats, and Mitts/Gloves You Never Wear
  62. Hair Elastics That Have Lost Their Stretch
  63. Old Travel Brochures
  64. All of the Business Cards from People You’ll Never Contact
  65. Old Shopping Bags
  66. All of those Vases You Never Use
  67. Cards and Gifts from Exes
  68. Old Crayons, Markers, and Art Supplies
  69. Refrigerator Magnets
  70. Anything You’re Hanging Onto that You Don’t Love or Use

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