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Fun Things to do While You Are Home

Are you stuck at home and out of ideas on how to keep yourself or family entertained? We feel ya! We put together a list of fun things to do while you’re at home. Whether you live alone or in a house full of people, we have you covered. 

Start an Herb Garden
Plant an indoor or outdoor herb garden and enjoy the smells and flavors in your garden and meals. Check out some of The Spruce’s favorite herb gardens here.

Write Letters to Family & Friends
Stock up on stationary or greeting cards or simply pull out blank piece of paper and write letters to family and friends. Keep them short and sweet or write a novel—whatever your heart desires! The art of letter writing may be lost, but it is not forgotten and we don’t know anyone that doesn’t like to receive a handwritten card or letter in the mail. 

Act Out a Scene from Your Favorite Movie
If your family is on the verge of tears due to boredom, put them to work by making a movie. Afterall, who doesn’t want to be a movie star—even if only for a few minutes? If you have more than one child in the house, have them each pick a scene from a movie. Each family member should play a roll—from camera man to leading lady. Use your cell phone camera and props found around the house to reenact a scene from your favorite movie. 

Make Candles
Learn a new trade by making candles at home. Keep them for yourself or save them as future birthday or holiday gifts. Candle making is a fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon! Keep It Wellness shares tips on 7 best candle making kits for 2020 here.

Camp in Your Backyard
Bust out the camping supplies, tent, sleeping bags, and s’mores and head to your backyard! Set-up a traditional camping experience, eat your meals outside, tell ghost stories, and sleep under the stars.

Build a Tall Lego Structure
Do you have a large storage bin filled with Legos from your childhood that hasn’t been opened in decades? Yes, adults - we’re talking to you! Or do your kids have Legos scattered all over the house? Well put those Legos to use by creating the tallest structure possible without it tumbling over. The structure doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just stack up Legos as high as you can go. If they fall over after only a few feet high, reevaluate your plan and start again. Can you get it to 4 feet? 6 feet? The sky’s the limit!

Schedule a Self-Care Day
Set aside a day or afternoon to take care of your soul. Take a bath, start a new book, give yourself a facial, take a nap, watch a favorite movie, go for a quiet walk, or just relax. The goal is to schedule a full day or afternoon of relaxation to give your mind and body a rest. 

Clean Out Your Closets and Drawers
Schedule a specific day to go through your closet and drawers to get rid of items you no longer use or want. Do this for yourself or for the kids in the house. When clearing out clothes, separate items by sex and size, fold them and store them in trash bags, and when the time is right, donate them to a local charity, orphanage, or church. 

Create Leaf or Flower Pressings
Go for a walk around your neighborhood in search of leaves and flowers to create beautiful artwork. Frame them around your house or keep them pressed and put them aside for future birthday or holiday gifts. 

Write and Perform Your Own Play
Have each family member put on their thinking cap and write a short play. Each family member should determine all aspects of the play, including the theme, props, costumes, and whether the play will be acted out by just one person or the entire family.

Plan Your Next Vacation
Let your imagination run wild and plan your next vacation. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do while you are there? Once you have a location and events in mind, print out images and save them in a travel journal or vision board. 

Cozy Up Your House
Turn your home into your personal haven by making it as comfortable as possible. This is a great way to display cozy blankets or delicious smelling candles that have been stuffed away in a closet. Do you like to read? Place some of your favorite books on your coffee table and make them an art piece. The goal is to surround yourself with things you love that make you feel warm, safe, and happy. 

Blind Taste Test
Using only food and drinks found around the house, schedule a blind taste test with at least two family members. If you have different flavored ice cream in the freezer or juice boxes in the fridge, blind fold a person and have them guess the flavor of each ice cream or juice. You can do this with just about anything: beer/wine (adults only, of course!), cheeses, donuts—you name it!

Dress Up for a Fancy Dinner at Home
Whether you prepare a homemade meal or order take-out, make it a special occasion by dressing up in your best attire. Think dresses and heels, suits and ties, and look your very best! Set the table with your finest china, light some candles, and celebrate this special occasion with those around you.  

Drive-In Movie Night at Home
Schedule a drive-in movie night with the kids using large boxes for the “car.” Pick a box large enough for one child to sit in (each child should have their own car) and have each child decorate their car. Pick a movie, throw some blankets and pillows in each car, get the kids comfortable, grab some popcorn, and start the flick for a fun night in. Click here for a brief tutorial on how to make a cardboard car for kids.

Foster a Pet
If you have dedicated time to love and nurture a furry companion, consider fostering a pet. This is a great way to help animals in need while they wait for their forever home. Contact your local pet shelter to learn how you can help.

Go Through Old Pictures
Bring down boxes of pictures from the attic or grab those photo albums that have been hiding in a closet and go through them. If you have a lot of photo albums and are looking to free up space in closets and shelves, shoe boxes or storage containers are a great way to save space. Remove photos from the albums and organize them into shoe boxes/containers that can easily be stacked. Or you can take it to the next level and have your photos scanned digitally. 

Have a Picnic Outdoors or Indoors
Grab a blanket or lawn chair, pack a lunch, and head to your backyard … or living room … for a picnic! For a luxurious experience, surround yourself with flowers and throw in some comfortable pillows. Check out these fun outdoor and indoor picnic ideas.

Prepare a Meal for a Neighbor or Someone in Need
Make one of your favorite meals or treats and share them with a neighbor or someone in need. You can prepare a home cooked meal or bake treats, pick something up at the store, or simply buy the ingredients (noodles, pasta sauce, garlic bread) and leave them on your neighbors’ doorstep. Wrap your gifts in a nice package or place a bow on the shopping bag and leave a little note. You can make yourself known or leave it as an anonymous gift. Either way, it’s a special touch that is guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face.

xx - Jen & Natasha

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