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How I Went from Anxiety & Overwhelm to a Daily State of Zen

Everyone wants to live their best life. Sometimes though, we’re not quite sure what that looks like. We know we have talents or things we like to do, but we’re not sure how to incorporate them to our lives.

Perhaps we want to save money, start a new business, change careers, or simply live a more fulfilled life but we worry we won’t succeed. We know there is more we could be doing, but we aren’t quite sure what that is.

Trust me, I get it.

As a busy woman juggling a high-profile job and everything else life threw my way, I know what it’s like to live with stress and overwhelm.

For years, I could not get a handle on my overwhelm--it was consuming my entire life. I couldn’t focus or sleep. I was very unhappy in my career, yet I didn’t realize it.

I wasn’t ready to admit that my job was sucking the positivity out of me.

I don’t always compartmentalize well, so for myself, an issue at work will often affect all areas of my life.  Before I knew it, I felt so strung out that I was chain smoking, not eating, drinking coffee all day and alcohol at night. Eventually, I started having full blown panic attacks at work and endless intrusive thoughts at home. Mid-sentence with a coworker I would mumble some lame excuse and race to the bathroom, hiding out until the hot flashes and heart palpitations subsided. Loud noises made me jump out of my skin and I had this weird dropping sensation racing through my body most of the day.

My vision was strained, my ears always felt plugged, I could never relax, and I thought for sure I was either dying of a horrible disease or was going insane.

It was awful and because I didn’t understand that what I was experiencing was years’ worth of untreated stress, I figured I had a brain tumor or something equally scary and kept running to the doctor’s office or ER, insisting on more and more tests that (of course) showed nothing. With no history of anxiety or experience with it, what else was I to think?

It was a living nightmare.

And sadly, my complicated relationship with money didn’t help my matters. I was a true shopaholic drowning in debt. I was addicted to clothes, jewelry, gifts for friends, the latest “must have” product, skincare, home décor, and on and on and on. I lived paycheck to paycheck even though I earned well over six figures. I racked up credit card debt without anything to show for it and always felt broke.  In fact, I completely maxed out all my credit cards and had to go through the slow, painful process of paying them off not once, but twice. My stress and overwhelmed completely consumed me.

Racing thoughts, shaking hands, stomachaches, headaches – you name it, I experienced it.

Finally, I found a physician who suggested what I was going through might be situational anxiety based on overwhelm. He suggested that I take a vacation or rethink my career. I eventually took him up on both, but the most important thing I did was go home immediately after that visit and do what I do best: research to find a solution.

Part of the solution that I found were the valuable tools I want to share with you in my new course, Powerful Techniques to Manage Your Stress. These resources go a long way in helping keep work/life balance in check.

When used consistently on a regular basis, tools like the ones in this course can help to both prevent and relieve stress BEFORE it turns into overwhelm.

I went from being stressed out and overwhelmed, living paycheck to paycheck, always close to broke, to being debt-free with thousands in savings, and feeling a daily sense of peace and calm.

While my experience with overwhelm is extreme, trust me when I say that these resources can benefit anyone. We live in a fast-paced world and thankfully there are numerous tools available to help keep the stress at bay and that allow us to stay mindful so we can live our best lives.  

Believe it or not, this is the SHORT version of my story. And now I’m sharing my story and experience to help keep you from living the same fate.

I created this course because I know that if it weren’t for the powerful tools it contains, tools that allowed me to create a positive mindset and achieve a state of ZEN, I would not be where I am today. 

In this course, you will learn some of the powerful tools to change your life and continue to empower you every day.

The course is offered as part of our Tribe Membership and includes:

Course Overview
Powerful Techniques to Manage Your Stress

  • Tapping Sessions(also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT) to help you practice mindfulness and conquer anything that might be holding you back from the life you deserve
  • Guided meditationsthat will help you reach a state of relaxed concentration to achieve emotional, mental, and physical healing and stress relief
  • Prioritizing self-care and learning how to manage stress levels is an absolute must to release overwhelm and avoid burnout. While stress happens to all of us and is often unavoidable, managing it is not.
If you want to learn powerful tools and techniques that can help relieve the stress in your life, regardless of its cause or intensity, this course is for you. Let me help you live the life of your dreams!

I’m ready to manage my stress and change my life!


Once you discover and begin using the right skills and tools, you can get your life into alignment and and focus on following your passions and making your dreams come true.

These resources can benefit anyone. We live in a fast-paced world and, thankfully, these tools help keep the stress at bay and allow you to stay mindful and in the moment, so you can live your best life. 

xx – Natasha

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