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Live a Richer, Fuller, Healthier Life

If you are interested in living a richer, fuller, and healthier life, you’ll love the advice we received from Lisa Tahir, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has been practicing as an intuitive psychotherapist for over 20 years.

During our time together, Lisa shared practical takeaways to help you follow your dreams and achieve greatness. Lisa explains that when individuals work on themselves, they may feel worse before they feel better, but these are the necessary steps to take to heal and thrive.

Here’s what Lisa encourages us to do:

Follow Your Dreams
When we have big dreams or ideas, ask yourself the following questions:

When I wake up tomorrow, what would I love to be doing?
How would I love to be spending my time?

Once you are clear on your dreams, keep them close to your heart and keep your ideas private until you start laying the groundwork towards living your dream life. This will help protect you from the naysayers and any people who may start filling your head with doubt based on their own fears. When you start working on and acting towards your dreams, you’ll be prepared to tackle any resistance by informing cynics that you have already started building the groundwork towards your dream, and that you believe in yourself and in your future success.

Believe in the Unseen
When you’ve established your dreams, validate your beliefs by creating personal affirmations. If you have a dream in your heart or a goal in your mind, there are always means available to accomplish them step by step, brick by brick, year by year. If you've been given a desire in such a compelling and strong way, believe in yourself and validate those beliefs every day. Affirmations are a great way to develop our capacity to believe in what we want before we even see it manifesting.

Take Action
When you think about your goals and dreams, write down 3-5 things that you have a burning desire to achieve, even if the thought of doing it scares you. It can be anything from going skydiving to starting your own business. Write it all down. Don’t question it, just write. And once you have a list of your goals and dreams, take action. Pick one thing from your list and begin taking the steps to accomplish it. 

For more information on this topic, listen to the Where Money Meets Soul podcast Episode 3: How to Live a Richer, Fuller, Healthier Life with Lisa Tahir, LCSW-LLC

*Podcast transcription edited for your reading pleasure.*

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