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Manifest Success

Over the past few years, manifestation has become a buzz word we often misuse to describe our attempts to instantly command our dreams into reality. Want a new job? Manifest it. Need cash fast? Just conger it up with a quick snap of your fingers. There you go – one and done.

The truth of the matter is, manifestation is a slightly more complex ideology than the way it’s come to be represented in mainstream media. Simply wishing something into being one time without any clear guidance on details isn’t going to get you what you want. The problem with believing that’s the way to manifest success is that when what you want doesn’t instantly appear, you tend to get frustrated and give up, believing the practice of manifestation just isn’t for you.

Everyone is capable of manifesting success into their lives and it doesn’t need to be a long or difficult process, but the fastest way to get what you want requires knowledge of a few simple steps first. If you’re having trouble manifesting more success into your life, instead of thinking that maybe what you want isn’t for you, read over the steps listed below and trust that when you follow them you can realize every single one of your dreams.

Get Clear About What You Want
Know the details - don’t just wish for a better job. Instead, paint a very precise picture in your mind of what that job looks like. Where is it located? What are you wearing while you do it? And most importantly of all – how do you feel when you do the job? When you know exactly what you want, you let the universe know it too and only with that knowledge can it deliver your desires to you.

Feel What You Want 
Write down the details of what you’re manifesting and then display the list somewhere you can read it every day. When you read the list, really feel and believe that what you want has already come into fruition. If you want a new job as your own boss with a glass office overlooking the harbor, then imagine yourself there and think about how it makes you feel to know that your dream came true.

Get Out of Your Own Way
In order to get what you want, you need to believe that you deserve it and that what you desire desires you as well. If there are any unconscious belief systems or mental blocks that might be standing in the way of achieving your dreams, then now is the time to release them. Take a long, hard look at any limiting beliefs you might have and do everything you can to let them go. For help on ways to identify your self-doubt and limiting beliefs, listen to the Where Money Meets Soul podcast episode on the subject.

Let Go of the Outcome
You’ve put in your manifestation order and asked the universe for what you want. Now it’s time to let it happen by releasing control over the outcome and practicing patience. Believe that you will receive what you want and you will recognize it when it comes, but know that it will happen for you when it’s meant to. Timing is everything.

Now go forth and manifest your success!

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