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Overcome Challenges for Financial Freedom

Anne Rose Hart trains visionary women in leadership to actualize their full potential and amplify their impact through joy. With her expertise and support, women transform from having “not enough time” and "not enough money" to loving their life, allowing more ease and flow, and feeling powerful, joyful, and free.

Anne joined us on the From Broke to Badass Masterclass series, where she talked about inner blocks that prevent women from making money, changing the paradigm shift to make income breakthroughs, and overcoming challenges to achieve financial freedom. Here’s what Anne suggests:

Put Your Self First
When it comes to overcoming financial challenges, you must put yourself first by paying into your savings before all else. Then prioritize your mindset and create space to focus and do what you need to do to increase your income.

Believe in Yourself
Imagine yourself as already having the wealth and financial freedom you desire. Once you have that vision in place, ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers:

  • What do I do daily?
  • How am I showing up for myself and others?
  • How do I feel?
  • What kind of choices do I make?

Work on this exercise every day and then act as if. Do the things you write down. Even if the answers take you out of your comfort zone, keep doing them.  

Have Fun and Laugh
As you focus on your creative vision, remember to have fun and laugh. Putting yourself first should not feel like a to-do list. It should feel delightful. Find joy in doing things that make you feel more alive. Have fun with it because ultimately, this is where your energy comes from. You need to create positive energy that will guide you into the intuitive visions, the knowing, and the next steps. All of this will come by being in the energy of your highest possibilities and your highest possibility should feel like a lot of fun.

For more information on this topic, listen to the Where Money Meets Soul podcast Episode 7: Overcoming Challenges for Financial Freedom with Anne Hart.

*Podcast transcription edited for your reading pleasure.*

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