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Remove Your Money Blocks with Mantras

At some point or another in our lives, most of us struggle with our finances. We spend a great deal of time trying to accumulate wealth and yet many of us fail to do so. In an attempt to make more money, we work harder and longer. We change careers, switch jobs, invest, start savings accounts, rack up credit card debt, or take out loans. And then when we fail to earn and keep the money that we desire, we tell ourselves it doesn’t matter anyway because money is the root of all evil. Or we think perhaps we’re just not good with money. Or maybe we don’t deserve it or even if we did have a lot of it, our friends and family members would begrudge us.

These limiting beliefs about money and abundance, many of which we learned in childhood, keep us from achieving the wealth that we desire and deserve. Thinking only the lucky get rich or that that too much money makes you a bad person or that you somehow don’t deserve wealth are disempowering thoughts that stand in the way of your financial success. They become self-fulfilling prophecies – thoughts you have about wealth that on some level affects your money-making decisions and then proves themselves to be true.

Often times we’re not aware that these limiting beliefs about money are hanging around in our unconscious, thwarting our attempts at generating riches. However, if you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to create more money in your life, but feel like you’re somehow out of alignment with your ability to receive it, then chances are you have a few money blocks getting in your way.

That may sound like bad news, but once you recognize what your own money blocks are, with a little effort you can get rid of them and clear the path to start creating the financial freedom you desire. Below is a list of some common money blocks and mantras you can use to help remove them. Read over each block and rate yourself on each one from a scale of 0 to 10 (0 indicating you don’t really believe it at all and 10 meaning you absolutely do). If you receive a 5 or higher on any of the beliefs, work on removing them.

“I don’t deserve money” (or “I’m not lucky enough” or “I grew up poor, so I can’t earn money” or “I make enough to get by, so I shouldn’t complain,” etc.). Repeat the following mantras: I deserve money and my background does not limit my future ability to make it. My past experiences with money will help me become wealthier. It is fine for me to want to make more money.

“Money is evil” (or “rich people are greedy” or “wealth changes people,” etc.). Repeat the following mantras: Money is pure and wealthy people can be generate. Having money does not affect who you are. With lots of money I can be an even better version of myself. Making more money means I can help more people.

“Earning money is hard work” (or “you need money to make money” or “I’m too old to try something new” or “I can’t make money doing what I love,” etc.). Repeat the following mantras: I’ll never be too old to pursue my dreams and achieve financial success through them. Passions can turn into profitable businesses. You don’t need money to make money.

“I’m not good with money” (or “I can’t save money” or “I never make enough money,” or “I’m always broke,” etc.). Repeat the following mantras: I am great with money when I focus my attention on it. I can become skilled with money. I can make money in spite of my past experiences. Money is a source of joy for me.

“I’m afraid of money” (or “my family and friends will be jealous of me if I make too much” or “if I make more then others make less” or “my parents always fought about money,” etc.). Repeat the following mantras: I enjoy being noticed for my accomplishments. There is more than enough money in this world for everyone. My financial success encourages others and contributes to their financial successes.

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