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Travel Essentials to Create Peace & Tranquility

I’m one of those people who have a deep love for both travel and staying at home. I thoroughly enjoy traveling for both business and pleasure, and yet I love knowing that I’m always coming home to my personal haven, a place that fills me with tranquility and comfort. Home is one of my favorite places to be, even though I yearn to frequently visit new destinations. The thought of leaving the comfort of my home is often accompanied with a bit of stress, especially if I’m traveling on business or if there are flight cancellations or delays (two things I dislike most about traveling).

It’s usually easier to create a relaxing environment when one is traveling for pleasure. Vacations are often a retreat from the burdens of every day demands. But even vacations can be filled with a bit of tension: lost luggage, traffic, or overbooked hotels can be maddening.

If you are like me and frequently travel for business, we may appreciate hotel rooms for the comforts they provide (i.e. a bed, shower, room service, etc.), but hotel rooms are often generic, lacking a sense of character and personal touches that create a peaceful environment.

Creating a calming and peaceful sense of being are important to me, whether I’m at home or on the road. Therefore, to help me feel relaxed and rejuvenated both at home and when I travel, I perform specific morning and nightly rituals (read more by clicking on the links) and I always carry these four travel essentials:

Eye Mask
It’s hard for me to fall asleep when I’m not in my own bedroom, particularly in hotel rooms when there is light glowing from the clock or seeping in from the bottom of the door, so an eye mask is of upmost importance. My favorite mask is the Bucky Ultralight Sleep Mask which offers pressure-free eye comfort.

Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender essential oil contains sedative, calming, and anti-depressive properties that help improve mood and reduce stress. Each night before going to bed, spray a little lavender mist over your pillows and blankets or purchase an essential oil diffuser. Travel-size lavender mist spray bottles and diffusers are available online or in many home goods stores. 

A Good Book
I always travel with a least one book, whether it’s a professional development book or a fictional story. Books can be a saving grace, especially if electronics die inflight when power outlets are not available. Additionally, bedtime reading can help you fall asleep faster and enhance your sleep throughout the night.

Gratitude Journal
I’m adamant about writing down things I’m grateful for before going to bed; therefore, I always travel with a small gratitude journal. It’s amazing what gratitude work can do for the mind if one has been dealing with cancelled flights or extremely long delays. Instead of being resentful for the inconveniences, writing down things I’m grateful for help me to shift my state of mind and focus on the good parts of the day.

Give it a try: What do you do at home that helps you feel at ease? Which of these things can you take with you when you travel?

Think about it and incorporate these items in your future journeys. I promise these things will help you feel a little better, especially if you are feeling homesick.

xx - Jen

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