Finding Peace Through Writing

For the past few years, I have allowed my job to consume me and have become somewhat of a workaholic. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and don’t mind working hard, but I often feel as though I let my career take over my life.

I once asked my husband, Jesse, ‘What do you think I’m good at?

Jesse responded with, You are caring, loving, a good listener, and a good organizer.

But when I asked him, What do you think I’m good at in terms of hobbies and talents? his immediate response was, You’re good at working. All you do is work.

While his honest feedback broke my heart a little bit, it also made me open my eyes and realize that I am so much more than my career. So, I started to do some soul searching and through the process, a girlfriend asked me, What did you love to do as a child? My response: I loved to read, write, and travel. And I still do today.

In the Life of Zen was started to help me create a better work/life balance. I started writing during my free time about our journeys of debt-free living, travel, and adventure via what was originally a blog. Over the years, In the Life of Zen has turned into so much more than a personal blog: it is now an online platform that provides powerful tools to help others succeed in business and in life.

Writing brings me a sense of peace it’s a healthy outlet that calms and inspires me. I truly enjoy the process and love the peace it brings in my life. And, if my writing resonates with only one person my heart and soul will glow a little brighter.

What calms and inspires you? Think about it. Once you find your answer, set time aside to do more of that every day.

Wishing you peace, love, and adventure,

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