Harnessing Your Past to Create Your Future

After 23 years in finance, Jeanette Schneider hung up her executive title to advocate for women in life, love, the boardroom, and the marketplace. She is now the President and CEO of LIV Media, as well as an author and speaker. Jeanette joined us on the From Broke to Badass Masterclass series, where she talked about the steps she took to retire at the age of 41, challenges she faced in pursuing her dreams, and ways in which you can make peace with your past to create the future of your dreams. When it comes to harnessing your past to create the future of your dreams, Jeanette encourages the following:

Commit to Yourself

First, you must make a commitment to yourself to go within and do the work. And often, that’s a scary place if you’re afraid of what demons you’re going to uncover. Before you can even think about building a beautiful life, you must first commit to yourself to do the deep work. Dive in and learn about your limiting beliefs, pay attention to your inner voice, and lean into the parts of you that are resistant.

Forgive Self and Others

Once you understand your deep-rooted messaging and programming, you need to spend time forgiving yourself and others. When you deeply forgive, you help clean the slate and better understand what your life could look like when you create a new paradigm shift.

Manifest the Future of Your Dreams

Once you uncover your past messaging, you can then focus on manifesting a higher version of yourself from a new foundation. See your future self by doing visualization meditations. What does the future version of you look like? What kind of friends do you have? Are your relationships thriving? What characteristics and values do you see when you see your future self? Once you see a future version of yourself, focus on ways to bridge that gap between your current life and your future life.

For more information on this topic, listen to the Where Money Meets Soul podcast Episode 11: Harnessing Your Past To Create Your Future with Jeanette Schneider.

*Podcast transcription edited for your reading pleasure.*

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