I Reached the End of a Double Rainbow and It Was Incredible

I love rainbows (although who doesn’t really?), and admittedly get a bit geeked whenever I spot one. To me, they’ve always represented love and good luck. Plus they’re pretty and somewhat magical. Given all of that, you can about imagine my reaction when some friends and I managed to drive through the end of one while booting down the side of a mountain. And a double one at that. Yes, you read that right: Ms. Sky-Chasing Sunset Rainbow Nerd herself drove THROUGH the END of a DOUBLE rainbow. I basically inhaled a double rainbow and will now have good luck forever.

Aside from being blessed forever and the obvious punchlines (insert leprechaun and pot of gold jokes here), you know what else happens when you reach the end of a rainbow? It disappears, which was a trippy experience in and of itself. It felt a bit like I had entered another dimension (cue Twilight Zone music) for a brief moment. Wait, where did it go? Did we actually eat the thing? Oh my, holy snap I just ate a rainbow, what’s happening right now? Maybe we’ll turn into unicorns. That’d be rad. Weird, but super cool.

While it vaguely made sense that it would disappear on us (it is a reflection after all), I still had to come home and learn the real reason it occurred (versus my super stoked kid-version involving mythical creatures and dragons and me now being a super hero: Rainbow Chaser, code name ROY G BIV, this year’s Halloween costume just invented, etc. and so on).

According to my research, rainbows are caused by the refraction and dispersion of the sun’s light by water in the atmosphere (this part I knew, but the next part I didn’t), and it turns out that technically, you can’t reach the end of a rainbow because the visibility of it requires distance between it and you.

Sad, but true: you can only sort-of reach the end of a rainbow, which is way less exciting than my version of what happened. Either way, I still maintain that because we came about as close as you can to eating a rainbow, we’ve inherited a lifetime of prosperity. Or at the very least a fantastic memory and neat story. And I’m still dressing up as Rainbow Chaser for Halloween.

Until next time, stay gold and keep fightin’ the good fight,

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