Overcoming Burnout and Creating A Harmonious Work-Life

We had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly Gonzalez, a wellness consultant, on the Where Money Meets Soul podcast. On a mission to guide people towards vitality, longevity, and a more harmonious work-life balance, she talked about the importance of using movement, rituals, and meditation/mindfulness practices to tap into our true power.

The creator of Elemental Conditioning, a mobility and mindfulness practice that helps people get back to basics, Kelly spoke about recognizing the symptoms of burnout, determining self-powered goals, and gave us the following tips to help us create a more harmonious life:

  1. Stress often makes us forget what it’s like to feel energized, and you may wake up dragged down and super tired instead of starting your day off great. To create more vitality, begin your day with movement, i.e. exercise, walk, stretching, etc., which creates a positive flood of hormones and neurotransmitters in your brain that will help kick-start your day.
  2. Remain conscious of your eating habits and what you are putting into your body. Are you eating healthy, whole foods or are you consuming processed ones? Creating healthy eating habits keeps you grounded and fuels your body and mind.
  3. Create space and time for a meditation practice. Even if you only have a few minutes a day, prioritize time to focus on breathwork, gratitude, affirmations, journaling, or anything that will help you get clear on your core values and beliefs.

For more information on this topic, listen to the Where Money Meets Soul podcast: Episode 20: Burnout & Harmony with Kelly Gonzalez.

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*Podcast transcription edited for your reading pleasure.*

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