About Us

Our mission is to empower millions of people to prioritize their mind, body, spirit, and money—in other words, their mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health.

Our resources and Financial Freedom course empower you to achieve financial literacy, improve your money management skills, create a healthier relationship with money, and work towards financial independence to live the life of your dreams.

Self-care and healthy stress levels are an absolute must to release overwhelm and avoid burnout. Our resources and Stress Management courses provide tools and techniques that can help relieve the stress in your life, regardless of its cause or intensity.

Whatever you want to create in your life, you can have it and our resources and Tribe Membership will help you create the life of your dreams. With a focus on money and abundance, work/life balance, and passion and success, you will prioritize your spiritual, physical, mental, and financial health—which leads to a more balanced, happier life.

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Jennifer Griffith

At one point in time, Jennifer and her husband found themselves with over $190,000 in credit card debt, car loans, and a school loan; and realizing that their only way out was to create an intentional lifestyle. After paying off their debt and taking control of their lives, Jennifer created In the Life of Zen, a platform that shares inspiration, guidance, and practical tips to help others achieve financial freedom; juggle the demands of home, family, and careers; and fulfill their purpose without sacrificing their dreams.

In addition to pursuing her passions, Jennifer is the Vice President of Business Development for a healthcare media company, in an industry she has served in for over 23 years, continuously leading a top-performing sales team.

Jennifer has a degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University. She marries her knowledge of business with a love for achieving greatness in hopes of inspiring others to live their best lives.

Natasha Ganes

Natasha has worked in the wellness industry for over 15 years. She believes that when people prioritize their spiritual, physical, and mental health, it leads to more balanced, happier living. She knows that when we get our head, heart, and body in alignment, life becomes more enjoyable, and she loves helping people learn how to get to that place.

Natasha is the co-founder of In the Life of Zen, a wellness consultant, certified stress management coach, published author, and guided meditation and EFT tapping practitioner who leads wellness workshops across the U.S. and Canada.

She is a graduate of Chapman University in Southern California, where she received her MFA in Creative Writing and MA in English Literature. She received her BA in English/Journalism from Madonna University in Michigan.

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