Tribe Membership

Tribe Membership

As two busy women juggling high-profile jobs and everything else life throws our way, we know what it’s like to live with stress and overwhelm. From personal experience we also know what it’s like to pull ourselves out of that space. Because once we discovered and began using the right skills and tools, we got our lives into alignment and were able to focus on following our passions and making our dreams come true.

We created In the Life of Zen as a way to share those tools with others, so that they can also turn their desires into reality and live their best lives.

Whatever you want in life, you can have it and we can help you get there. Sometimes all it takes to reach our goals is a tribe of people cheering us on. We’re here to do that for each one of you.


For an annual fee of only $99, you will receive access to our entire library of content, which includes hundreds of beautifully designed:

Affirmations and Mantras to encourage positive self-talk and help you realize your worth

Tapping Sessions (also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT) to help you practice mindfulness and conquer anything that might be holding you back from the life you deserve

Guided meditations that will help you reach a state of relaxed concentration to achieve emotional, mental, and physical healing and stress relief

Tip Sheets with information designed to help you realize financial freedom, work/life balance, and how to live your passion

Money and Abundance

Work/Life Balance

Passion and Success

…can all be yours when you join – welcome to our tribe!


*Tribe Membership will automatically renew after 12 months unless canceled by you or In the Life of Zen beforehand.