The Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

The thought of having a warm beverage in my hand as I slowly start my mornings is a comforting ritual that helps launch my day on the right track. Regardless of the weather, my body craves a warm cup of coffee as I slowly greet the day ahead of me. It’s one of the most cherished parts of my morning ritual. There is something very soothing about a heated drink in my hand. I tend to crave hot beverages throughout the day and always prefer room temperature drinks over ice-cold ones (I’m a water-with-no-ice kind of girl). To me, a warm drink always sounds like a good idea: after finishing dinner with clients and our dessert is about to be served or when I relax on the couch with my husband at the end of a busy day.

However, I must tread with caution. If I drink too much caffeine, it’s as though electrical currents are running through my body, which results in shaky hands, an overexcited way of communicating, and a bit of anxiety. If I drink too much decaffeinated, sugar-free tea, the flavors are often too overpowering for my palate and I feel like a film of herbs is left coating my mouth and teeth. Gross.

Thankfully, a colleague and good friend of mine who is of Asian descent introduced me to the benefits of drinking hot water. I know, I know – so boring. But stay with me.

As published on Medical News Today, Drinking enough water can support skin, muscle, and joint health. Water helps the body’s cells absorb nutrients and fight infections. Drinking a few glasses of warm or hot water each day might offer even more benefits, including:

  • Healthier digestion: Drinking hot water helps to break down food faster than drinking cold or warm water.
  • Improved circulation: Hot water is a vasodilator, meaning it expands the blood vessels, improving circulation. This can help muscles relax and reduce pain.
  • Reduced stress: A soothing cup of hot water may help lower stress and reduce feelings of anxiety.

If the thought of plain water seems too bland, try adding small amounts of lemon or honey, which will not only enhance the flavor, but also provide added health benefits. “Drinking warm water with lemon and honey is one of the best ways to cleanse the liver, remove toxins, and flush fat from the body.” However, try to limit the amount of lemon you drink on a daily basis, as dentists believe the acidity can be hard on your teeth and tear down enamel.

Give it a try. Start by adding a cup of hot water to your diet at least once a week for a few weeks. Whether you prefer morning or night, heat up a tea kettle of hot water and, once it cools down to a drinkable temperature (it should not be scolding hot), drink it slowly. “Regularly drinking very warm water can heal our bodies, providing digestive power and reducing metabolic waste that could have built up in our immune system.”

Wishing you peace, love, adventure, and good health,


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