3 Ways to Create A Relaxing Environment at Home

The overall sense of well-being felt when I’m at home makes our humble abode one of my favorite places in the world. However, most of the reasons why I love being at home didn’t happen naturally. After years of dealing with anxiety and panic disorders, I purposely worked on creating an environment that evokes harmony and tranquility and here’s how:

1. Colors

As I select colors for my home, I always choose shades that make me feel good. For me, it’s a combination of earth tones (creams and beiges), water tones (varying shades of blue), and metal tones (grays).

“Colors have potentially positive or negative psychological effects depending on personality types and the relationships within color combinations.” Angela Wright, FRSA, color psychology expert, and Founder and President of Colour Affects in London.

When selecting colors for your home, think about each room and its use, and select a combination of colors to create a cozy and restful environment. Click here for ideas on colors for every room in your home.


2. Lights

When it comes to lighting, I opt for soft/warm white adjustable light bulbs that can be brightened or dimmed depending on my needs and mood. I feel most at peace around golden glows generated by soft and warm lights versus the bright and blinding glow from daylight bulbs.

Haven’t noticed the difference between soft and daylight bulbs? Click here for sample images.

I also avoid fluorescent lights whenever possible since they have been known to increase stress levels (the only place we have fluorescent lights are in the garage).


3. Scents

Day spas have mastered the art of using aromatherapy to create an overall sense of relaxation as soon as guests walk in their doors, and I love mimicking the feeling of a spa by using ambient scents to put myself and others at ease.

“Smell is provocative and deeply connected to our emotional state and it has a far greater influence on our behavior than we realize.” Psychology Today.

I diffuse lavender daily, love the refreshing scent of lemon candles, and use pumpkin, cloves, or peppermint during the holidays.

Give it a try:

Do you feel a sense of peace and comfort when you walk into your home? If so, what are the things that put you most at ease?

As you relax and take in the comforts of your home, silently give thanks for the things that make your home a special place.

If your home needs some work in this area, start by adding small decorative pieces in colors that make you feel relaxed, i.e. pillows, throw blankets, framed artwork, etc.

If your lights are too bright, especially in the bedroom or living room, replace existing light bulbs with soft, warm white lights.

Splurge on candles that instantly make you relax. You know the candles I’m talking about: the ones that make you ooooh out loud as you test them in the store.


Wishing you peace, love, and adventure,